Top Ways To Increase Curb Appeal in Indianapolis

Does your home’s curb appeal need a little boost? Roofing is one of the most important aspects of any home and can also be one of the most visible. Whether you’re looking to sell your home or just want to make it look its best, here are some of the top ways to increase curb appeal with roofing in Indianapolis.


Consider a New Roof


If your home is starting to show its age, one of the best ways to give it a facelift is to install a new roof. A new roof can completely transform the look of your home and increase its curb appeal. It will also add to its value. When choosing a new roof, consider both function and form. You’ll want a roof that looks good and performs well in all types of weather conditions.


Here are some benefits of installing a new roof on your home.




Adding a new roof is one of the quickest and most effective ways to improve your home’s appearance. If you’re considering selling your home, a new roof will make it more attractive to potential buyers. And even if you’re not planning on selling anytime soon, it’s still nice to know that your home looks its best.


Increased Value


Along with improving curb appeal, a new roof will also add to your home’s resale value. If you decide to sell in the future, you’ll be able to recoup a large portion of the cost of the roof through the increased value of your home. 


Protection from the Elements


A well-maintained roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. It keeps heat in during winter and out during summer, and it protects your interior from moisture damage. Replacing an old, worn-out roof will help keep your home comfortable year-round while preventing costly repairs down the road. 


Energy Efficiency


Many newer roofs are designed to be energy-efficient. This means they reflect heat away from your home during summer, which can help keep cooling costs down. In winter, they retain heat better than older roofs, which can also help reduce heating costs. If you’re worried about rising energy bills, an energy-efficient roof may be the answer.


Go for Contrast


One way to add interest to your home’s exterior is to choose a roofing material that contrasts with the rest of the house. For example, if your home is primarily brick or stone, you might consider using a different material for the roof, such as slate or metal. This will help create a unique look that will stand out.


Remember a few things if you plan to go with a contrasting roof.


  • First, you’ll want to ensure that the new roof complements the overall style of your home. For instance, if you have a traditional home, you probably don’t want to use a modern roofing material.
  • Second, you’ll need to think about the climate. Some materials, like metal, may not be ideal in areas with a lot of snow and ice.
  • Finally, you’ll want to consider the cost. Some materials, like slate, can be pretty expensive. However, if you choose a less expensive material, like metal, you can always paint it to get the look you want.


Keep it Clean


A well-maintained roof can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal. Not only will it make your house look more attractive from the street, but it will also help protect your home from the elements.


Here are some tips on how to keep your roof clean and looking its best.


  1. Remove any leaves or debris that might accumulate on the surface of your roof. This can be done with a leaf blower or by hand. Be sure to do this regularly, especially in the fall when leaves are falling from trees.
  2. Have your roof professionally cleaned regularly. This will remove any dirt, grime, or stains that might have built up over time. Professional roof cleaners will also be able to spot any areas that might need repairs.
  3. Inspect your roof regularly for any damage or wear and tear. If you notice any missing shingles or damaged gutters, be sure to have them repaired as soon as possible. Ignoring these issues can lead to more severe problems down the road.
  4. Trim any trees or shrubs growing too close to your roof. This will prevent them from damaging your roof or causing any build-up of leaves or debris.
  5. Keep your gutters clean and free of debris. Clogged gutters can cause water to back up and potentially damage your roof. Be sure to clean them out regularly, especially after storms.


Add Some Color


Whether you’re trying to sell your home or just want it to look its best, curb appeal is essential. And one easy way to add curb appeal is with a pop of color. This can be done by painting your front door, shutters, or roof.


Here are a few things to consider if you consider adding color to your home’s exterior.


Choose The Right Color


When choosing a color for your home, it’s essential to consider the style of your house and the other colors already present. You want the color you choose to complement the overall look of your home, not clash with it. If you’re unsure what color to choose, ask for advice from a professional painter or color expert. They can help you select a color that will make your home look its best.


Prepare The Surface


Once you’ve chosen the perfect color, it’s time to prep the surface that you’ll be painting. This is especially important if you paint an exterior surface like your roof. Make sure to clean the surface thoroughly and remove any dirt, debris, or loose paint before you start painting. Once the surface is clean and dry, you can begin painting.


Use High-Quality Paint


When painting any surface, it’s essential to use high-quality paint. This will ensure that the paint job lasts longer and looks its best. High-quality paint is more expensive than cheap paint, but it’s worth the investment. Before committing to it, you can also ask about paint samples before purchasing to see how the color will look on your home.


These are just a few of the ways that you can increase curb appeal with roofing in Indianapolis. Be sure to consider your options before making any decisions, and work with a reputable contractor who can help you achieve the perfect look for your home. With a little effort, you can quickly transform the exterior of your property and make it look its very best!


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